About Us

HispaColex law firm

HispaColex is the law firm that is trusted by Andalusia’s leading companies, thanks to the excellent preventive advice we provide.

We have offices in Granada, Jaén and Málaga and are part of the Hispajuris network, which enables us to ensure that our clients’ legal needs are covered throughout Spain.

Since the firm’s creation in 1990, at HispaColex we have shown our clients that we have a different approach to the legal profession: one that focuses on the provision of preventive advice with speed, transparency and teamwork.

With more than 50 expert lawyers specialising in different areas of the law, HispaColex stands out for the comprehensive advisory service we offer to companies and individuals.

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Our main aim is to ensure we are always available for our clients, so they don't have to solve matters on their own

Our history

Our law firm was set up by Javier López y García de la Serrana in 1990. However, what began as a personal venture very soon became a project shared with other colleagues in the legal field; and today, more than 25 years later, those colleagues remain with the firm as partners, and are testament to the solidity of our foundations.

HispaColex Servicios Jurídicos was created in Granada as a general law firm. From the very start, however, we boasted particular expertise in two areas: civil-commercial law, and advising and defending victims of traffic accidents. Over time, our firm diversified its services to include new areas of law, thereby laying the foundations for specialisation.

From the very start, we knew that we wanted to stand out, to evolve, and to become a law firm that would go the extra mile to provide our clients with added value that no one else could offer. That is how we decided to focus our efforts on preventive advisory services. We provide continuous legal support and guidance, ensuring that our clients never feel as though they are left alone to deal with any legal queries regarding their activities.

In 2001 we became part of the Hispajuris network, which enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive support throughout the country.

Additionally, we opened our own branch office in Jaén in 2005, and another in Málaga in 2009.

Our law firm is a founder member of the Spanish Association of Specialist Civil Liability and Insurance Lawyers and the Institute of Financial and Tax Studies.

Thanks to our work philosophy, experience and ability to provide comprehensive services, HispaColex has positioned itself as one of the best-rated law firms in the areas in which we operate. We are a team of outstanding professionals, combining the ability to excel with vision and passion for a job well done.

Our speed, transparency and teamwork have enabled us to attain many different achievements, the most important of which is the full satisfaction of our clients. Our multi-disciplinary capacity allows us to provide our clients with fully specialised and personalised responses to their queries in any area of law. For our law firm, every person and every case is unique, and we afford each of them the same exceptional level of attention, precision and diligence that has been our hallmark from the start.